Welcome to the world Leo Gard

After a relatively difficult pregnancy for my wife, what with the baby pushing on her pelvis a lot, her spine, bladder and all the rest of it the big day finally came on Wednesday 25th April 2012.

Our gynecologist, Dr Tim Berios, works out of Umhlanga Medical Center in Durban, South Africa. Although working out of this hospital he actually does all of his surgeries out of the fairly new Ethekwini Heart Hospital.

It was good to see that Leo gave Dr Tim a good run for his money during the delivery. Leo was a breach baby, so the gyne had to go to gym to get him out, but because Leo was breach he was a Caesar baby.

I was there the whole time in theatre, although I had strict instructions from my wife that I wasn’t allowed to video the event, only take a few pictures. I’ll add some in the upcoming posts.

I love c-sections. No labour, you have a time, wife gets drugged and there you go. Although it’s easy for me to say, hey? All I have to do is stand there and make sure the baby is ok. I suppose the husband also has to deal with some hormones during the pregnancy too. But I’m
sure my wife would agree, c-section is the way to go.

We are very Blessed that our Leo is completely healthy, 10 fingers and
toes, no problems at all. All of our thanks and praises can only go to
our Father upstairs.

Thank you Lord.

Baby Leo was 3.76Kg when born, so about 8 and a bit pounds. That’s a decent weight, so we’re happy. He was also 52.50cm long. Not bad considering both his parents are under 5ft 10inches!

Anyway, welcome my boy to this wonderful great big world. I can’t wait to show it to you.

Your dad