Remember the added costs when thinking of your next child

What are the costs that you think of when thinking of babies?

Seriously. I suppose it depends on where you are in the world. Here in South Africa you need to have a good private medical insurance because most of the time you don’t want to go through the public medical system – which is only really good if you’ve been shot, stabbed or such. You know, the things that the doctors are used to dealing with in there.

So let’s look at some of the costs we remember.
You’ve got the normal things, like nappies ( or diapers depending on where you are), the cosmetics, the towels, the baby grows, prams, car seats, cots, compactums, other clothes and importantly the receiving blankets. On this point if you are buying 5, then maybe consider doubling that number. You can never have enough of those things, and once you’re all done with populating the world they make really great dust cloths and grease cloths.

But what about all the things that people forget to tell you. Let’s imagine it. You’ve just found out you’re going to be parents! Whoopee. After your initial shock, you start working out the costs, and you think ok this is cool, we can manage. You always find a way to manage. But nobody tells you that you may need to see the gynae between 4 and 8 times during the pregnancy. Add that up, plus the amount they charge for the birth, and it’s a lucrative business. But money can be no option for the safety of your child and the mother.

Then don’t forget to check well beforehand that you private medical insurance will cover ALL of the costs that your gynae, your paed, your anesthetist will charge, if they don’t then start saving too.

Once the birth is done you’ll also need to remember your new bundle of joy needs inoculations done. Depending on where you are these can be fairly regular and also vary in cost tremendously, anything from R100 to R700. but who gives these jabs? Don’t forget to pay the clinic, the paed, the ante-natal sister or whoever you choose to go to.

So what happens then? You’ve got the jabs done, but is the baby putting on weight? Is he or she doing ok, or is there a problem? Maybe you’ll want to consider going to a sister for a feeding consult. Don’t forget to add this to your budget too.

Whilst we’re at it you’d be better off putting some extra aside for when your miracle gets sick. At least then you’ll have the money to get real medical advise, instead of checking on Dr Google!

I know all this sounds like doom and gloom, but it’s all part of the course. It really isn’t that bad. It’s just that nobody tells you about all these extra baby expenses when you first get pregnant, or when you first decide to have kids.

Hopefully you’ll have learnt from my mistakes and will remember the above. I’m sure there’s some stuff I’ve forgotten about, but you can always tell me by commenting on my post.

Cheers for now