Projectile vomit at Midnight

Night number 3 came along with a new routine for my wife and I. I’m not really one of those dads that will just watch mom wake up at all hours, get moody due to lack of sleep, and quite frankly I prefer to have my normal wife back, so I like to help out.

So last night we fed our newborn at 21:30 and his next feed was due about 3 hours after that. I duly set my alarm for 23:15 and went to sleep.

It was great! Our boy woke up at 23:30 and I came in and started to feed him. Only thing was that I couldn’t Figure out that he had huge amounts of gas. But it wasn’t coming out..

It did eventually, all over me! Just a small hurk, but still not the best thing at midnight. So off we went to get him undressed, cleaned up, changed again and back to see if he wanted some more bottle.

I really just wish babies came with a warning light. A big flashing red light that means:

Warning! I’m about to puke.

Or a brown light that meant similarly

Careful, I’m not finished pooing yet.

Or better still, a flashing yellow to indicate (if you have a boy)

Fire hydrant about to explode, cover it or yourself quick!

Anyway, back to the saga from last night. My second attempt to feed went even worse than the first one did. This produced a proper
projectile vomit over me, him, and my face! All at 12:30.

But why did this happen?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My wife seems to think that
our boy has too much wind, so he often needs a second winding.

Hopefully tonight will be different. It will be my final night before
work starts again, so the real adventure begins tonight.