LinkedIn is Compromised and up to 6 Million passwords are at risk

Have you heard the news today about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Icoa

Has Your LinkedIn Account been Hacked?

LinkedIn has announced that they may have been HACKED! And up to 6 million users’ passwords have been compromised.

Please change your password now!

If you have used the same password as LinkedIn on any other sites, you need to change that password EVERYWHERE. Please remember that you are most secure when using unique passwords for each site. Try to think of a system for yourself e.g. The first three letters of the site, your dog’s name followed by the year your first child was born i.e for LinkedIn it would be linrex2000. This will then result in a unique password for every site you use while still being easy for you to remember your password.

I hope you find this information useful. For more information please contact me by commenting on this post.