I, Nicholas Gard, first became a parent when I was 30. My first born, Isabelle, was born on the 15th September 2008. My wife and I are so lucky with her.

Although Isabelle was a bad colic baby for the first 10 weeks of her life she has more than made up for it since. She’s now 3.5 years old, adorable and the complete light of her father’s life.

But on the 25th April 2012 something else happened. My wife (Mel Gard) and I had another child, a beautiful baby boy. So we’re so incredibly lucky that we now have a perfect pigeon pair!

We will see how the next years brings our family perfect ups and downs as only there should be with a young family.

I hope you enjoy the posts about our family and some of the tricks we learn on the way to deal with certain situations.



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